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Strategies for inspiring cities
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SITE urban development

Is a consultancy office specialized in urban development strategies. We deliver strategic development frameworks that enable our clients to align with stakeholders, optimize current and secure future businesses.

We combine design, planning and investment tools in large-scale development and redevelopment projects. We use strategic and design thinking as a way to go from concepts to tangible strategies.


Agile development

Urban development increasingly becomes more dynamic and complex. To answer these changes, projects and organizations have shifted from a downstream way of developing into an agile and integrated way of urban development. The traditional cascading way of planning and developing proved too static for the volatility of urban development. It has increasingly led to; missed business opportunities, mismatches between real estate and its end users, and ineffective processes.

With our projects we have proven that an integrated way of developing, driven by concepts, speeds up the process. It provides more flexibility, better aligns the share- and stakeholders, and is more consumer driven.

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Dutch development

In The Netherlands we have a long history of dealing with complex and dynamic development. A history rooted in the common fight against the water levels because the country is for a large part below sea level. Since the early 13th century there is a tradition of cooperating, aligning, and understanding the differences between stakeholders and make use of these for integrated solutions.

The Dutch approach aims at the synergies between the different stakeholders. This requires an all-embracing perspective and creativity in finding solutions between differences. The necessity of an all-embracing perspective or solution, while dealing with mutual interests, is the key to generate added value in complex processes.

This is Dutch development, an integration of interests with pragmatism, technique and creativity. Dutch development is what makes the world famous Dutch design possible.


SITE approach

Dealing with the increasing complexity of urban development requires an agile development process. In our strategies we take into account the relevant perspectives, and shape these into concepts that can be tested on feasibility, market dynamics and spatial constraints and opportunities. Through a series of iterations the strategy of delivering the concept is shaped, taking into account the path dependencies of the specific project. Our team members are generalists; each member has experience in finance, markets, and design. We make use of external expertise to test and sharpen our strategies and deliver specific input where needed. This structure allows us to tackle complex projects in short periods of time.

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We believe in interventions, getting to results in a short period of time. In these interventions we make use of highly interactive workshops with key players. Our clients range from governments to private parties and joint ventures. We provide the following international services:

  • Strategy consulting for urban development; green field, brownfield and inner city redevelopment projects
  • Innovation tracks within organisations; upgrading value chains, developing new skills and capabilities (project based)
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Selected works

We haven’t always been consultants we have also worked as; investors, developers, and commissioners of large scale projects. Our consulting is based on experience to turn words and drawings into bricks and mortar.

(see our Dutch) page for more consulting work)

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